WPC Video projection in Dresden. Photograph taken during Dresden Academy


Worlding Public Cultures is a critical art theory and practice based approach to social innovation.

We facilitate critical discussions and the exchange of information about key exhibitions, pedagogic activities, and activist campaigns centred on decolonising museums, the impact of globalisation on art, and decolonial curation in the field of transnational art.


Worlding Tiohtià:ke/ Montreal Bridging Knowledges, Practices, and Beings

An international conference on what Worlding Tiohtià:ke/Montreal means. Organised by the Montreal-based team of the WPC project.

‘Worlding Public Cultures: The Arts and Social Innovation’ Publication Series Launch

Carine Zaayman from WPC was in conversation with Wesley C. Hogan at ICI Berlin.

Lecture by Pheng Cheah

Pheng Cheah's lecture 'Beyond the World as Picture: Worlding and Becoming the Whole World' was organized by the Heidelberg team as well as Ming Tiampo and Birgit Hopfener from the Ottawa Team in cooperation with ICI Berlin.

Worlding Art History through Syllabi Workshop

This workshop took up the notion of ‘worlding’ to explore how art history is taught in different places and institutions around the world.

Rethinking Pedagogies: An ‘Intellectual Space’ for (Un-)Learning Art History

Follow-up Event of the academy Lessons Learned? Transcultural Perspectives in Curating and Pedagogies. Featuring a Keynote Lecture by Prof. Emerita Claire Farago.

Lessons Learned? Transcultural Perspectives in Curating & Pedagogies

The Heidelberg Academy explored successes and failures of existing pedagogical practices in museums and potentials for new transcultural and ‘worlded’ approaches.

Heidelberg Academy Call for Papers

The Worlding Public Cultures team of Heidelberg University invites scholars and early career researchers from the fields of Art History, Transcultural Studies, Anthropology to deliver panel papers and presentations at the academyLessons Learned? Transcultural Positions in Curating and Pedagogies.

Towards a Multitemporal Pluriverse of Art

Virtual workshop organized by Birgit Hopfener and Karin Zitzewitz at Carleton University, Institute for Comparative Studies in Literature, Arts, and Culture, and supported by the Ruth and Mark Phillips Professorship in Cultural Mediations (ICSLAC, Carleton University).

Worlding through the Caribbean: Film Programme

From 1st-3rd December 2021, Worlding Public Cultures presents a programme of artists’ film as part of its London Gathering consent not to be a single being: Worlding through the Caribbean.

Worlding through the Caribbean: Audio Programme

Worlding Public Cultures presents two specially commissioned audio pieces as part of its London Gathering consent not to be a single being: Worlding through the Caribbean.

consent not to be a single being: Worlding through the Caribbean

From 1st-3rd December 2021 the symposium consent not to be a single being: Worlding through the Caribbean is accompanied by an online programme of artists’ audio and film works

Amsterdam Assembly

From 7-9th October 2021, Framer Framed hosted the Amsterdam Assembly: Letting go of Having to Speak All the Time, a gathering and thinking space for activists, artists, scholars, and other cultural practitioners to discuss various topics around decolonisation, pedagogy, racism, and the politics of archiving.

Ottawa Academy

Worlding the Global: The Arts in the Age of Decolonization was an international academy held 8th-10th November 2019, designed to collaboratively re-imagine and pluralize the ‘global’ from multiple geocultural perspectives.


Welcome to Traces

Welcome to Traces, a blog recording, contending with, and reflecting upon the Worlding Public Cultures (WPC) project. Organized by an editorial team of early career scholars working collaboratively and transnationally, Traces seeks to complement and support the central objectives of WPC.