Worlding Public Cultures Publication Series Launch

Carine Zaayman from WPC was in conversation with Wesley C. Hogan at ICI Berlin.
Hosted by ICI Berlin Institute for Cultural Inquiry
10 October, 6pm (CET)
Carine Zaayman (author of the premiering WPC book, Anarchival Practices: The Clanwilliam Arts Project as Re-imagining Custodianship of the Past, ICI Berlin Press 2022) in conversation with Wesley C. Hogan

In this chapbook, Carine Zaayman instantiates the Anarchive as a means to reimagine how custodianship of the past is practiced. The Anarchive constellates archives and the absences that attend them in a manner that both centralizes the vastness of absence, and leaves it unreconstructed. The chapbook articulates the implications of the Anarchival constellation for scholarship and artistic practices that draw on archival material. Her argument is founded on an engagement with colonial archives that hold strands of Southern African pasts, and demonstrate its implications by examining the Clanwilliam Arts Project. Through an analysis of this case study, she argues that the Anarchive facilitates a privileging of decolonial forms of custodianship of the past that can lead to communal, co-designed and embodied forms of historical narration.
This Worlding Public Cultures publication series aims to investigate the global dimensions of contemporary culture through the concept of ‘worlding’, an understanding of the world generated through continuous processes of world-making. ‘Worlding’ builds on the postcolonial project of critiquing universalized Eurocentric frameworks. It is committed to a radical ontology of openness and relationality. Going beyond current top-down models of inclusion, diversity, and other representations of the global, ‘worlding’ critiques radical alterity in favour of a pluriversality attendant to entanglements, difficult histories, and power relations. It grounds the global within local and transculturally/transnationally intertwined worlds, and foregrounds the possibility of continuously making and re-making new worlds through cultural production.
Organized by the Heidelberg University team of Worlding Public Cultures: The Arts and Social Innovation in collaboration with Ming Tiampo (WPC / Carleton University) and Birgit Hopfener (WPC / Carleton University), in cooperation with ICI Berlin.
Carine Zaayman in conversation with Wesley C. Hogan
Carine Zaayman
Wesley C. Hogan
Photos by Claudia Peppel / ICI Berlin