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Welcome to Traces, a blog recording, contending with, and reflecting upon the Worlding Public Cultures (WPC) project. Organized by an editorial team of early career scholars working collaboratively and transnationally, Traces seeks to complement and support the central objectives of WPC.

Amsterdam Assembly: Letting Go of Having to Speak All the Time

by Nuraini Juliastuti (University of Amsterdam), Carine Zaayman (Vrije Universiteit & RCMC)


How can we talk to each other to pass down intergenerational memories? How can we not repeat violent patterns in our ecosystems? Let us practice intellectual humility. Let us step aside, let us stop taking centre stage. Let us talk to each other and practice listening. We will sit and think together. We will write in commons and pass on certain knowledges and wisdoms. How do we start listening?


Towards an ethics of listening

Reflecting on Worlding the Global: Ottawa Academy in 2019 - A Conversation

By Victoria Nolte (Carleton University, Ottawa) & Emily Putnam (Carleton University, Ottawa)